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New Feature Round-up
We can not guarantee that the Logo printing functionality will work with every version of any manufacturer's printer driver. Nor can we guarantee that the barcode printing will continue to function after upgrading a printer driver, or a Windows operating System.
This feature hasn't been tested in a Cloud or RDP environment, and currently isn't supported in those environments.

Company Logo on a slip receipt

The POS-X ION thermal receipt printer will allow you to upload a company logo to the printer's memory. However, System Five does require additional information to be set within the System Five printer driver to make this work. Also there are a few settings that are required within the Windows driver for this printer.


This was proven to work with the POS-X ION Thermal slip printers, but may also work with other POS-X printers. This document assumes that the POS-X driver is currently installed in Windows, and you can print a test page in Windows.

Detailed Problem Solution

The POS-X ION printer the drivers that were pre-installed on the Point of Sale terminal will work. It is usually installed as Vendor Thermal Printer, but may also show as POS-X Thermal Printer.

Windows Setup

Open the Windows Printer setup, or in Windows 7, open Devices and Printers.

Right click on the POS-X Thermal Printer, or Vendor Thermal Printer, and select Printer Properties. Click on the Logo Printing tab, and then click the Logo Download button

Click on Open File button and browse to the logo file you want to use.

This file MUST be a Windows Bitmap or BMP, and should be no wider than 500 pixels.

My Sample was 500 x 200 pixels.

(500 pixels wide by 200 pixels tall. This allowed the logo to print centered on the receipt).

Now your Logo file should appear in the top Left window. Make sure your printer is selected in the Printer Name drop down, and click on the Upload button.

Click YES to begin uploading the image to the printer.

The printer should make a couple short beeps, and if it uploaded correctly you should get the popup saying the upload is finished. Click ok, and then close on the upload screen.

This should bring you back to the Printer Properties page. On the Logo Printing tab, make sure it is set to Start of Document, Logo in Printer Flash[NV Graphic], Alignment Center, and Number 1. If any of these settings is greyed out, then it is because Number is set to 0. Change it to 1 and nothing should be greyed out.

Click on the OK button to complete the setup.

System Five Setup

To set up System Five, from the navigator open Setup Tools - Printing Options - Printer Setup.

Select the POSX printer on the left side of the screen, then set it as the slip printer, and the fast dot matrix should automatically be selected as well. If it isn't, you need to make sure that it also has a check mark in it's check box.

In the drop down next to where it says “Select Printer Codes”, select 8|SLIP PRINTER.

Now Click on the Printer Codes tab.

Make sure that the drop down next to “View Printer Codes”, shows 8|SLIP PRINTER. If it doesn't, then select it from the drop down.

Select line 1 RESET, and in the white box at the bottom of the screen type ESC “@” FS “p” 1 0,48

All Characters MUST be exactly as shown, and they are all case sensitive.

Also please watch that the codes come up in the gray box above the ESC codes as : 27 64 28 112 1 0 48

In Windows 7 64 bit we noticed that these numbers did not convert correctly. If this happens, just enter the numeric values instead of the ESC codes.

Scroll down to the bottom of the slip printer codes till you see line 87 CR/LF. Click on it, and in the white box at the bottom of the screen type CR LF (this tells the printer that the print job is now complete, and it should now cut the slip).

* For the POSX printer you need to add a CR LF * otherwise the entire slip will print as though it was one long string of text.

Click the Exit button on the top of the screen to exit the printer setup.

There isn't anything that needs to be done to the slip form so you should now be able to print a receipt and have the logo appear on the top of it.

Additional Links

The information contained in this article can be used in combination with the wiki on adding an invoice number barcode to a slip receipt. However it would only apply to the POS-X printer setup.

Created by Steve Wind September 10 2013

Updated March 12 2020


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