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New Feature Round-up

POS Layout Configuration

Creating The Layout

1) Click on “settings”. If the device Windward Mobile is being installed on is a 4 inch device, the Settings Tab will be hidden. Like for Daily Tasks, you’ll need to click on the soft touch button to the left of the “Android” home button.

2) To get into App Settings, you’ll need to verify you have the administrative rights by passing a security check.

The User is a drop down list containing all users who have admin privileges. The “pin” is just the user’s system5 password.

In the App Settings, you’ll see a button called “POS layout configuration” at the top right corner of your screen; click on it.

The screen that just popped up is where you build you app’s inventory grid layout.

1) Click the “LoadLayout” to open up the layout you wish to add inventory items to.

2) On this screen, you’ll see a header that says “available inventory”. Drag and drop the square inventory buttons underneath the “Available Inventory” header and drop them on top of the “New Layout Item from Inventory” button.

3) Click on the “Add As New Layout Item” to add the inventory item to the layout.

4) Once you are done creating the layout, click on “Save Layout” to save the layout to the database.

5) Click on “Close Layout” to close the layout configurator.

6) Click the back button until you’re back on the main point of sales screen again. The items you’ve added to the layout will now show up on your screen.

Created by Darren Ling
Updated by Steve Wind July 15 2014


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