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Printer does not collate

A network printer (P4014n) would not collate when printed to from a Windows 7 workstation. Windows XP workstations on the same network would collate. Collate is the checkbox in the bottom right of the printer dialog that would keep a report in printed order. In this example, we used the end of day report.


The printer was installed on Windows 7 using an IPP ((Internet Printing Protocol) port instead of a standard TCP/IP port as used on Windows XP machines. Reconfigured the printer port to print to the TCP/IP port allowed collate to work.

There may be other reasons a printer does not respond to the collate checkbox including incorrect printer driver. This issue had a visual symptom that had the IPP printer displaying in the Windows 7 printer dialog as a stock printer and not a picture of the actual P4014n device.
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