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eConnect overview


THIS ARTICLE IS NOT COMPLETE. I hope it can be a little useful, and become more complete. This article is here as a way to create some awareness around the econnect product and how it interfaces with System Five. As we get more information and dig into how this product works, we can place that information here so it can be reviewed later. I believe this is needed because I worked on it previously and no longer remember some details behind how it works.


  • Pervasive SQL needs to be turned on. If you look at the bottom of your screen in System Five, there is a task bar that will have the text “Pervasive.SQL” in it if this is on. If it is not turned on your PO export will most likely seem to hang. This is because System Five is trying to send all PO's you have ever made to your supplier. The process will most likely fail, but this has not been tested on a new data set.
  • Please add more requirements as they are identified.

What is PMPAgent.exe?

The PMPAgent.exe is a program that is used to connect with e-connect. I don't think it needs to be on to have eConnect work. I think as long as the eConnect software is properly installed things will work. (Place software package name here when confirmed).


The eConnect system is being changed to CODIS-Access in the 2nd quarter of 2010. The necessary changes are to be made in a later 5.60 release which is why customers like rusty are running 5.60


Orders Fail to be Sent

Problem Description

The EDN response was not a recognized format. The response text is displayed here: (NO TEXT AFTER THIS)

Problem Solution

This issue was very hard to troubleshoot. In the end you, or the customer has to “reset the supplier accounts on eConnect”. This basically consists of deleting the supplier on the eConnect website and re-create them.


  • Enhancement #22969 “Please add a warning message for the econnect export when Pervasive SQL is not on”
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