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New Feature Round-up

Required Order Report – Removed from Required Quantity: Exclude Stock on a Layaway and Work Orders


This amplified the Required Orders report by adding a new filter to the “Remove from Required Quantity” column to exclude stock on Layaway invoices and work orders and added a department drop down on the settings tab that allows for multi-department selections.

System Five users can select specific department combinations as well as exclude work orders and layaway invoices from the settings of the Required Orders Report. Layaways and/or Work Orders can be used for different purposes depending on your business needs. This new feature will help further filter the report results which will help your ordering be more accurate and also save your staff valuable time.


This is only available in a departmentalized dataset.

System Five version should be or higher.

How to set it up

1. Requires enabling and disabling options in the Setup Wizard – Invoice Options 1 and Purchase Order Options (respectively).

2. Go to Inventory and Purchases > Purchases > Required Orders

3. Under the Remove from Required Quantity Section, two additional boxes should show up: Backorders on Work Orders and Backorders on Layaways. The Department drop-down should also be visible.

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