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Parent Article: reporting

Point of Sale Transaction Report


The Point of Sale Transaction Report is used to report and reconcile on Cash, Accounts Receivable, or both. Typically, you will use the Cash and AR option, which is the default. However, there may be times when you want to report on one type of transaction or the other for investigation or auditing.

The Point of sale transaction report summarizes this information in a way that makes it easier to analyze when there are discrepancies between what was entered into System Five and what was counted at the end of the day.


POS Transaction Report Overview
Reporting on the daily activities that occur at Point of sale is necessary to ensure the accuracy of recording transactions with cash items. This lesson provides an overview of this important process

Reconciling the POS Transaction Report
This demonstrates the recommended procedure for balancing the daily activities from the POS registers.

Reporting within the POS Transaction Report
This is the final lesson completing the set of balancing daily activities from POS.

For further details you may refer to Point of Sale Transaction Report.
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