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Windward Intelligence

Windward Intelligence Sales Analysis is available for our System Five on Cloud customers. It enables blazing-fast sales reporting on sales related information. By using Windward Intelligence Sales Analysis, owners and managers will gain valuable insight into both high performing aspects of their business, along with low-performance areas that can be improved. Windward Intelligence will sync with your data up to 8 times a day which you can set the intervals.


What questions can it answer

Reporting speed on years worth of data will refresh in seconds in Windward Intelligence compared to running reports in System Five that can take hours.

  • Are you tired of wondering where your top-performing areas in your business are located?
  • Are you unsure as to which products or services make you the most money?
  • Do you know where your products or services sell geographically?
  • What salespeople are the top by gross margin?
  • Who are your top suppliers?


Any customer choosing to have Windward Intelligence enabled will need the following.

  • Be hosted in System Five on Cloud
  • A Microsoft Power BI Pro license not included in Windward Software hosting (typically this costs $10 US a month and is sometimes included in Office 365 licensing)
  • Google Chrome web browser

Watch the short Sneek Peek Video for an overview. Navigation is through a web browser and accessed by signing into your Microsoft Power BI account.

Sign in to to access Windward Intelligence. This will let you select tabs at the bottom of the page to see different views of your sales data.

Use of the Date, Department, Salesperson or Invoice Type filters will limit the sales data being displayed.

The dashboards are interactive where you can click on grids or even charts and that item clicked will apply filters to the other controls on the screen. Clicking on the same item will unselect the filter.


If you have reporting requirements that Windward Intelligence Sales Analysis does not display. Contact your account manager to get a custom quote on how we could provide the information you require.

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