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Setup Mercury Payments in System Five

In order to setup Mercury Payments in System Five we must have the following:

  • Fax or E-mail from Mercury Payments that includes the Merchant Account number. The Merchant Account Number will be in the format of 12345=STORE.

General Setup

The Mercury Payments Setup can be found in the Setup Wizard → Credit/Debit Card Verification Options. There is no additional software that needs to be installed to use Mercury Payments.

Use Mercury Payment Systems Credit / Debit: Simply check on this box to use Mercury Payments. Ensure that you do not have any other Credit Card Processors checked.

Allow Cash Back on Debit Cards: Check this box if you wish to have a Cash Back field when paying by Debit Card.

Use Card Reader on Pin Pad. This option allows the pin-pad on the VeriFone 2000 to be used instead of a keyboard magnetic stripe reader. The VeriFone 2000 card reader will not return the Customer's name (Track 1). If this option is checked, you can use either the keyboard magnetic stripe reader (M.S.R.) or the VeriFone 2000 card reader. With Canadian Debit Cards you must use the Pin Pad to swipe Debit Cards and you must use the M.S.R to read Credit Cards.

Use AVS (Address Verification Service). Check this option if you are performing telephone/mail (MOTO) order or Internet Sales and wish to verify that the shipping address is the same as the card holders address. You can usually get better rates when performing this operation on MOTO transactions and it may protect you from fraudulent transactions.

Allow collecting of credit card information for later authorization. Check this option if you are doing Internet Sales, as it will keep the CC Information with the invoice for a short period of time.

Allow use of Pre-Authorization on Invoices. Check this option if you want to pre-authorize credit cards. Pre-Authorize will reserve funds on a customer's credit card for 2 to 7 days. It is important that when you ship the invoice that the pre-authorization is Captured. This advanced feature should not be used without full training and understanding of Pre-Auth / Capture procedures.

Allow Use of Auth Only on Invoices. This is the same as using Pre-authorization. This advanced feature should not be used without full training and understanding of Pre-Auth / Capture procedures.

Merchant Number: Enter your Mercury Payments Merchant number here. If you are using departments and each department has a different merchant number, leave this blank and enter the merchant number on the department names setup screen. The merchant number is normally in the format number=name.

Terminal Id. This should be blank, unless specified by Mercury Payments.


Canadian Supported PINPADs

  • Verifone SC5000 (no longer available)
  • Verifone SC500
  • ingenico i3070

These pinpads must be purchase from Windward Software to ensure the correct encryption.

US Supported PINPADs


For the Canadian Debit Cards, select Global Payments (Canada) and select the COM Port you are using. You will need to set the PIN PAD ID that corresponds to the pin pad for the current station.

For the SC550 device it is 70 then the last 6 digits of the PIN PAD Serial Number.

For the Ingenico 3070 Device use the Terminal ID supplied in the Mercury Payments Documentation (with the customer Merchant ID) for each Pin Pad. Ensure you are running the latest version of dsiclientx.ocx

If you change pin pads, you will need to change the Id and do a key exchange. You may need to Reset the Sequence Number if the key exchange does not work. You will then have to synchronize the key sequence with the PIN PAD. To do this, from the Main File Menu, select Mercury Payments → Pin Key Change.

You will need to perform this anytime you get an Encryption Error, or if you move the Pin Pad from one machine to another.

Gift Card Setup

Setting up the Mercury Gift Cards requires several steps. The mag stripe read(MSR), The Mercury Payments merchant number and the card range.

Standalone MSR

  • Install the drivers on the computer and plug the device in.
  • Check the Windows Device Manager for the servial port and make sure that it is numbered less than com8.

  • Set the port number and baud rate in the Windward POS Device Manager | Credit Card Scanner page.

  • Check the MSR is working by swiping a card on the Events tab of the Windward POS Device Manager.

Mercury Payments

  • Setup Tools | Setup Wizard | Credit/Debit Card Verification Options | Mercury Payment Systems | Gift Cards
  • Select Use Gift Cards and Allow Issue of Gift Cards at Invoice Tender.
  • Set the Merchant Number field with the number provided by Mercury Payments. This is formatted something like 12345678901=MYSHOP.

Card Ranges

  • Have a card scanned on the Events page of the Windward POS Device Manager and make a note of the full card number.

  • Setup Tools | Setup Wizard | Credit/Debit Card Verification Options | Credit/Debit/Gift Card Ranges
  • Select the Card Number Ranges button

  • On a new line
    • Start Range == First 4 characters from the number noted earlier. In this case that is 6050
    • Tender Type == G
    • Mask == 9999
    • Check Sum == N


Check Guarantee / Verification

The Mercury Pay / Global Check Verification Service accesses a database of known bogus check passers to protect you from fraud. They also offer a guarantee for the full recovery of funds if the check does not clear. The hardware required to use this service is a keyboard wedge MICR (Magnetic Ink Code Reader). Enter your merchant number if it differs from your Credit / Debit card merchant number.


Select whether you are using Automatic or Manual batch closing.
NOTE: This does not change how Mercury Pay handles your batches. You must contact Mercury Payments to do this. Automatic closing is strongly recommended.

Credit/Debit/Gift Card Slips

Press each of these buttons to setup the Customer and Merchant copies of the Credit Card Slips. The Debit card receipts can be setup separately. If you do not setup a debit card receipt, it will use the Credit Card Receipt. The Debit copy buttons will only enable if you are using a US pin pad. See below for Canadian Pin Pads.

If you wish to print the Merchant copy as soon as it is processed so you can check the customer signature (verses printing at the end of the sale), then select the slip or full size printer here. If you are printing to a full size printer, you can specify the left and top position of where the slip will print.

Canadian Debit Card Receipts

Canadian Debit Card Receipts are generated by Mercury Payments in accordance to Canadian Interac regulation. You can add your own headers and footers. The receipt must contain the Merchant Name and address. Removing these from the receipt will violate the Interac regulations. There are receipts for English and French which is determined by the Customers Debit card setting.

Dial Backup Bridge

Mercury Payments offers a dial backup modem that will automatically switch to dialup if the internet or payment processor host is unavailable. The dial backup bridge is a external modem and software manufactured by datacap systems inc. The dial backup bridge can be purchased from Windward Software Inc.
To install the dial backup bridge you will need to install the dialbackup software on a computer that is always on, has an available RS232 Serial Port (com port) and is close to a phone line. You will also need a separate phone line or a shared line. This computer must also have a fixed IP address.
To use the dial backup bridge, in the credit card setup, select Mercury Payments (Canada or US) Dial backup, then set the IP address of the computer with the dial backup software installed.

Dial bridge can be downloaded from
Select MPSBridge

 If the merchant is already using a datacap netepay server the dial backup function is already included, 
 and just needs to be enabled through the PSCS

Author: Windward Software, Inc. (Help File)
Editor: arose and eharley
Last Edited: 24-Feb-2009

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