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New Feature Round-up


Some models of Star slip printers have the ability to cut the Receipt paper after printing. The control codes required to perform the paper cut differ from printer to printer. We have had success with the following cut code on some Star Printers, including the TSP 100.


The control code is entered in the Printer Setup > Printer Codes in the Formfeed line.

The value to enter is: ESC “d” 0

This code will ensure that the Star Slip Printer will cut, however sometimes the printer will cut the receipt a little bit short. As a result, you will need to add the cr lf (carriage return, line feed command) in the Formfeed as follows:

cr lf ESC “d” 0

Add as many of the “cr lf” combinations as necessary in order for the Star Printer to cut the receipt correctly.

NOTE: You will have to log out of System Five and log back in for the new printer settings to take effect.

NOTE: Power Cycle the printer also.

Author: Windward Technical Support
Editor: arose
Last Edit: 15-Aug-2007 Updateed: 14-Aug-2008 by swind

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