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New Feature Round-up

Generating the stock count for manipulation in Excel

Generating the Stock Count Report

In System Five, there is a pre-configured report for exporting the stock to a CSV file. Open System Five,open the navigator,then go to:

- Reports

- Inventory Reports

- Print Inventory Reports

- Stock Count

- Then select the options tab and check off any additional options you would like in the report. Clicking on a red X will change it to a green check mark.

- Click the View Tab,or the View Button on the top of the screen. This will generate the report.

- Then Export to external file, by clicking on the export button,

- Then click To External File

- The default type should be CSV format, which most programs including Excel can import.

- Give the file a name, and save it to your desktop, or any other location that will make it easy for you to find the file.

The file is now ready to import into Excel. DO NOT OPEN THE FILE WITH EXCEL. The file must be imported, not opened, and all fields must be imported as text.

Otherwise Excel will remove all leading zeros from your barcodes.

For more information on this, see the document on Preventing Leading 0's From Being Dropped When Opening a CSV

File in Excel.

For information on loading your Excel Spreadsheet Back into System Five through a Data Load see:

= Steve Wind Sept 19 2008 =


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