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Support Video Playback Issues


If support videos will not play, or you see click here to play but are unable to click on the video, hare are a few things to check.

Detailed Problem Solution

Determine what web browser you are using?\

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer should work. If it doesn’t… Try enabling or disabling Protected Mode.
Turn off GPU Hardware Acceleration in Internet Explorer 9 and 10

Mozilla FireFox

FireFox requires a plug in to play Flash videos (support Videos)
Turn off GPU Hardware Acceleration in FireFox

Microsoft Edge

Edge had a warning saying that flash videos are not enabled, do you want to allow.
If you don’t see this error you can follow the instructions from Adobe to enable it.

Google Chrome

Chrome has security settings that prevent Flash videos from running
click on the three dots next to the search bar.
Select Settings from the drop down
 - Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on the down arrow next to Advanced to expand the menu
 – Click on Content Settings
 – Click on Flash
 - allow sites / ask first / allow
Turn off GPU Hardware Acceleration in Chrome

Created by Steve Wind Sept 26 2017


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