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System Five – Adding Additional Workstation

Please see:

In order to setup System Five on an additional workstation or swap out a workstation, the following installers will need to be available. Contact Windward support to receive these installers.

  1. Pervasive SQL or Actian Zen 14 (typically less than 150 MB)
  2. Windward System Five (typically less than 250 MB)


  1. Administrator permissions for the Server Windward share and all its files and sub-Folders with full Read/Write
  2. Typically, both System Five and Pervasive SQL installer are copied to the C:\windward\temp folder
  3. A mapped drive needs to be created linked to the shared “Windward” folder of the server (W: drive)

Installation of Pervasive Client on workstation

For Pervasive installation, you must have Pervasive 12 or Actian Zen 14.

1. Click ‘Unzip’ button

2. Click “Ok” button

3. Click ‘Install PSQL v12 SP1 Client Only’

4. Click ‘Next’ button

5. Accept & click on “Next” to proceed

6. Select ‘Run as a Service’ option & click Next

7. Leave it as ‘Complete’ then click Next

8. Click ‘Install’ to begin the installation

9. Wait until it is finished installing then click on ‘Finish’

10. You can now ‘Exit’ this window. You’re done installing Pervasive Client

Installation of Windward System Five on workstation

  1. Run [Drive]:\Windward\Temp\install.exe (If a new installation file has been downloaded, use [Drive]:\Windward\Temp\s5install.exe)
  2. Install to C:\Windward\System5 to do a local install, do not install to a remote drive.
  3. Accept all other default settings. Finish installation.
  4. Shortcut on Workstation desktop is linked to C:\Windward\System5\Bin\systemfive.exe
This installer also comes with 2 required software installation, those will need to be installed with System Five.
  • Borland Database Engine
  • MSXML v3 & v4

If you are linking to an existing dataset (i.e. from a backup, etc.)

  1. Launch System Five from desktop shortcut.
  2. Select “Link workstation to the existing networked company” and click next
  3. Browse to Mapped network drive location [Drive]:\System5\Data (Or where 'Data' folder has another name eg: “MyCompany”)and click next
  4. Assign an available terminal number and click ‘Next’
  5. You will then receive a message stating that “your terminal has been setup”. Click 'Finish' to continue.

Modifying Desktop Shortcut to prevent terminal ID change

  1. Right-click the shortcut and select 'Properties'
  2. In the 'Target' box, ensure that the line reads C:\Windward\System5\Bin\systemfive.exe
  3. At the end of that line add the command ' /Forcemachine=#' where # is the assigned terminal number
  4. Printer settings are terminal-specific, the above command prevents users from inadvertently changing a terminal number on a workstation thereby losing the ability to print
  5. Additionally, you can use the optional command 'smallsplash' to make the splashscreen smaller.
  6. Full target line in shortcut properties would be as follows: '[Drive]:\Windward\System5\Bin\systemfive.exe /smallsplash forcemachine=#' where # is assigned a terminal number.
  7. In the 'Start In' box in shortcut properties, make the entry '[Drive]:\System5\Data'. This will lock that shortcut to a specific data set (Should you have more than one ie: A Training Data Set)

Other Setup and Troubleshooting

There might be additional setup and/or troubleshooting needed after successfully installing System Five. You may want to refer below:

  1. In order to speed up some system functions, you will need to enable ODBC DSN.
  2. Fixing WindwardPOS Device Error. This error can present after installing System Five.
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