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Major Changes for System Five 7.0 for Windows 11

This document is also available as a FreshDesk Solution Article

Windward System Five version 7.0.0.x has been ported to a newer compiler version Embarcadero Delphi Version XE2 to 11. This version has support for many new enhancements.

  • High DPI support
  • Native HTTPS support for better security
  • Supports Windows 10,11 and Server 2016-2022 (Actian Zen 15 required for Windows 11/Server 2022)
  • Windows Notifications
  • Better large application development environment.

For requirements review

Operating System Support

  • Windows 10 Pro (Requires Actian Zen 14 or greater)
  • Windows 11 Pro (Requires Actian Zen 15)
  • Windows Server 2016 (Requires Actian Zen 14 or greater)
  • Windows Server 2019 (Requires Actian Zen 14 or greater)
  • Windows Server 2022 (Requires Actian Zen 15)

Application Directories

  • 7.0 can be rolled back to 6.4.0 (Or 6.2.4 with Customer Care assistance), as the data version is unchanged
  • It is required that 7.0 be installed in a new directory (IE c:\Windward\System5\7.0\bin) as there are many files that are no longer required for 7.0.0.x.

Browser Support

Beta versions (6.4.1) are being discontinued and merged with mainline

  • Select Beta features (in use) will be migrated to the release version.
  • During transition, beta customers may need a private build for urgent issues.
  • Features considered for moving to Release at a future time are
    • PDF form filling
    • Custom Outlook integration
  • Features that are not in use which will not be moved are
    • Inventory Pooling for departments.
    • Avalara Tax Engine

Actian Zen SQL

  • Actian Zen 15 and 7.0 is required for Windows 11/Server 2022 Support
  • Actian Zen 14 or greater is required for Windows 10/Server 2016/2019 support
  • System Five only supports an OBDC connection for SQL access to the tables. SQL may need to be reconfigured.
  • All database access for things like dataload must now be done via OBDC rather than the Borland Database Engine.

PCI Out of Scope

  • As with 6.4.0.x this version does not store or transmit credit card data and therefore has limited PCI scope.
  • Merchants with recurring payments or card on file will need to convert to a tokenized payment processing solution such as Worldpay IP or Netepay Hosted.

Support for High DPI monitors

  • System Five now supports high DPI (4K) monitors, however some images and button images may still look fuzzy on a very large screen.

Windows Theme Support

  • Themes are now supported in System Five. The themes change the colors and styles of the components. Currently support No theme, Light theme, Dark theme.

PDF Printing

  • A new PDF printing engine is used. PDF support is improved and quality increased

S5 Application Server

  • The S5 Application Server is no longer supported in 7.0.0.x. Features that use this may need to be rewritten for SQL access instead.
  • S5 Application features include
    • Screen customization (Though may work including customization, requires testing)
    • Shipment Module
    • University of Calgary

Windows Notifications

  • Some errors and notifications such as office mail will show up as a Windows Notification instead of a dialog box or S5 task bar notification.

POS Device Manager

  • The POS device manager communication method for “Local” has been changed from COM object to Shared Messaging. The application should still work the same. The Windward POS device manager no longer needs registering.

Supported Integrations

AVB LinqSupportedTested
Lights AmericaSupportedTested
Message MediaSupportedTested
Ship RushTesting PendingTo be scheduled
WebAPISupportedTested, SSL supported
WebSell Ecommerce SolutionSupportedTested
Windward IntelligenceSupportedTested
WooCommerce Ecommerce ConnectorSupportedTested
XO LightsSupportedTested

Unsupported Integrations

Avalara Tax EngineUnsupportedBeta feature only - End of support
Big Yellow BagUnsupportedPaid extended support only
CAFT (Customer Automated Funds Transfer)UnsupportedPaid extended support only
CodisUnsupportedSupport ended prior to 7.0.0
Do-It Best IntegrationUnsupportedSupport ended prior to 7.0.0
FireArms 4473 FormUnsupportedSupport ended prior to 7.0.0 - Replaced by
Rental Screen CustomizationDecision PendingFurther testing required
Grant ManagementUnsupportedPaid extended support only
Lease and Loan MasterUnsupportedSupport ended prior to 7.0.0
Lights America (Original using LASI)UnsupportedSupport ended prior to 7.0.0
Liquor ConnectDecision PendingInvestigating current usage before final decision
NAPAUnsupportedSupport ended prior to 7.0.0
Outlook CalendarUnsupportedRequires beta merge - Scheduled after on prem release
PartsmartUnsupportedPaid extended support only
S5 Support TrackingUnsupportedRequires rework for continued support
Sales Opportunity TrackingUnsupportedRequires rework for continued support
Service BenchUnsupported
Shipment ModuleUnsupported
Standalone S5UnsupportedRequires rework for continued support
WEARUnsupportedRequires rework for continued support
WeCommerceUnsupportedSupport ended prior to 7.0.0
WemailUnsupportedSupport ended prior to 7.0.0
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