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New Feature Round-up

Things That Do Not Poll

Understand the work flow will help identify gaps of information flow. What things are done in the remote dataset. Where are Purchase orders, bills, checks, bank reconciliation.

Customer Promotion Points

- Solution : In order to import the customer points into a re-created remote dataset, you need a reference that does not change. the only solution is to assign account numbers to each customer that has promotion points. Then run at least one polling cycle to push those account numbers out. Then you can export the customer points with the customer account numbers from the remote dataset prior to re-creating it. Then after recreating the remote dataset, you can import the points back into the new remote dataset based on the customer account numbers.

Process Details: polling_promotion_customer_points

Superseding parts

- Solution : None at this time

Bank Reconciliation

- Solution : None at this time

Setup Wizard and other settings

Will there be different remote settings required.

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