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New Feature Round-up

Table of Contents

This article is linked to from this employee only article: pictures


Problem Description

Exporting Pictures from System Five

  • Export Inventory to Excel
  • Find the Pictures Folder
  • Export Images to the Picture Folder


This query can be used to identify all items with the lookup word of PICTURE attached to them.

select, inventry.invunique, inventry.part, lkupword.LkupUnique,
lkupword.FileNumber,lkupword.word, lkupword.kwunique
from "lkupword"
join inventry on inventry.invunique = lkupword.kwunique
where lkupword.filenumber = 7
And lkupword.word = 'PICTURE'


System Five has various methods of reporting on your data, and getting information out of your data. We will be taking advantage of the ability to export inventory information to excel / csv, as well as the ability to export pictures using the specialized XML interface called XML Central. We are not going to be working with XML files as these are complicated and only something that I would normally have a programmer from Windward Software work on. We will be taking advantage of one of the options in XML Central, and looking at how we can make use of it.

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