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Trimming Pervasive Extended Files

This document assumes knowledge of using the butil command which is a part of Pervasive.

When .BTR files become large, Pervasive will extend the database over multiple files.
Please review Pervasive Extended files (FILE.^01) for information on these extended files.

There are rare times where the extended files will grow abnormally large. If you have multiple extended Pervasive files for a specific .BTR record then it may be possible that these files are mostly empty space.

Process for rebuilding Extended files

  1. butil -recover file.btr file.rec (copies the .BTR file to a database dump file)
  2. copy file.rec file.rec.back (backup of the .rec)
  3. delete file.btr (Restart system five and it will rebuild a blank database file. The file can be copied out of the
  4. butil -load file.rec file.btr

Author: arose
Editor: arose
Last Edited: 15-Nov-2007

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