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Price Schedules are used to add different pricing for different groups of customers please see

price schedule General rules allow for minimum maximum and default pricing rules please see

To create Price schedules You can use setup wizard add the amount of price schedules and modify their names nothing in this area is to do with the actual pricing rules just the names that will apear for customer and inventory setup

controlling inventory price schedules requires some logic, all new inventory items take from the default items defined rules, once created you can modify these rules for the specific item

[Example: customer might come in and be a part of the employees schedule and get %15 off all items in store but one item has been editted to %20. when invoicing, adding this item will know exactly wehat to sell it for %20 off and %15 for the rest of the items]

this can be seen in the retail tab of an item, pay close attention to the lettered Codes, and the legend for the codes on the right hand side.

now the fun part, modifying a price schedule on mass, across the entire inventory/catagory/sub catagory or supplier ( can filter the price update on many things)

Mass Change Price Schedule

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