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Error Unknown Publisher When Starting System Five

Every time you try to run System Five, You encounter an Error saying “The publisher could not be verified. Are you sure you want to run this software?”. Further details of this pop-up show: Name: systemfive.exe Publisher: Unknown Publisher Type: Application From: W:\System5\bin

The From: line may vary depending on the network drive and the System Five installation folder on the server.

Detailed Problem Solution

This error is caused by System Five not actually being installed on the workstation, but is trying to run System Five through the network. So the workstation is treating systemfive.exe as though it were an application being run from the internet. The solution to this issue is to install System Five on each workstation and only access the data from the server. This is the recommended installation, an will help free up networking resources by relieving some network traffic.Also System Five will run much faster from a local installation on the workstation than through a network connection.

Added By Steve Wind Aug 24 2009

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