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Vantiv pin debit upgrade for EMV Pinpads

Vantiv integrated payments / Mercury merchants on the initial EMV deployment who wish to upgrade to accept PIN Debit must follow this procedure.

Note: Debit EMV is not yet available in the US. All debit cards must still be swiped.

In order to better prepare you for the recent release of Vantiv Integrated Payments, In-Store NETePay version 5.06.11, we are messaging you today to provide clarity around its support for mag stripe (MSD) U.S. PIN debit. Additionally, to help drive merchant awareness around upcoming changes to card verification methods (CVM) we have outlined different options for CVM and the risks associated with them.

Mag-stripe U.S. PIN Debit Support

MercuryPay processing platform is now in general availability for MSD U.S. PIN debit support through the dsiEMVUS solution. To ensure our partners and merchants are ready, we have outlined the steps below that need to be taken in the field to enable support. After the merchant location is configured, it is recommended to run a test PIN debit transaction to insure proper functionality and proper PIN key injection. If you receive a transaction error, contact technical support to confirm the correct PIN debit key is injected on the device.

What you need to know about NETePay version 5.06.11 and MSD PIN Debit

  • Version 5.06.11 is the only version available today that supports MSD PIN debit the dsiEMVUS.
  • A new DeploymentID is required for all accounts not on version 5.06.11.
  • Version 5.06.11 enables MSD PIN Debit prompts on the PIN pad device.
  • A Load New Parameter must be sent after the new DeploymentID is entered or the existing PSCS stage has been updated Vantiv Integrated Payments Technical Support team. This brings the new swiped debit configuration to the local NETePay
  • An EMVParmeterDownload command must then be used to download the new parameter to the pad.
  • Version 1.03 or higher of the dsiEMVUS client must be installed.
  • Merchants not planning to support PIN debit can continue to use earlier versions of NETePay.

How merchants can prepare for PIN Debit support

  • Each merchant needing PIN debit will need to contact Vantiv Integrated Payments customer support to enroll or request their PSCS stage file be updated.
  • Please coordinate with your relationship manager to plan install dates if you have a large merchant base.
  • Once PSCS is configured, the new parameters must be downloaded to the merchant’s in-store NETePay version 5.06.11.
  • If you have questions about how to install a new version of NETePay or download the parameters please review our how to document.

What Card Verification Method (CMV) Option Should a Merchant Select?

The CVM is the method in which the merchant confirms that the card is in the hands of the card holder. The options are signature or PIN. Normally the PIN Pad is set to use the method that the EMV chip was programmed with, however this can be overridden by the PIN pad to use signature only. If you use signature, the merchant/clerk is responsible for verifying the signature and the merchant may be liable for the transaction if this is not done and the transaction was fraudulent.

The dsiEMVUS solution now supports two options for card verification method (CVM) prompts. It is important to understand the differences, the risks associated and merchant use cases to help decide the best option. Merchants generally processing in the restaurant or QSR verticals may be better suited to support Chip+Signature CVM. However, any merchant can request this CVM option based on their need.

  1. By default, CVM is set to “ALL” – which includes support for chip and PIN and chip and signature verification.
  2. If requested by the merchant “Signature only” – the PIN pad will only require signature slip and will not prompt a PIN number on chip and PIN preferring cards.
  3. Merchants needing to support US PIN debit, should consider supporting all CVM options.
  4. Only merchants can request this change through Vantiv Integrated Payments because of the changes associated to chargeback liability for lost and stolen cards.

Windward strongly recommends using the

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