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Recreating A WEAR Location


This page deals with what needs to be done to recreate a WEAR location that has already been created and in use for a period of time. This page is for normal operations where the remote database has exported its information back to head office before the recreation is done. If the remote database information is not able to be exported back to head office, that information will be lost.

This page is not a step by step guide on creating replication locations. It is specifically to cover the additional parts for recreating a location.

Clear The Location

  • Open the polling application on the head office server.
  • Go to Setup…


  • Find the location to be recreated in the list


  • Double click on it to edit the location


  • Untick the Created? option at the top


  • System Five gives a warning that this should not be done as it will invalidate any existing database for that location. This must be answered Yes


Recreate The Location

  • After clearing the Created option exit the edit screen for the location and make sure the location is highlighted in the list


  • Use the Location Wizard button to start the process


  • Follow the prompts using the Next button to get to the Choose the Remote Server option
  • Select the location being created from the drop down menu. If only one located had it's Created? flag removed, it is shown automatically.


  • Follow the prompts using the Next button to complete the process

Additional Notes

In System Five version 6.0.0 and later each location must have its own licence file installed. Do not forget to do this before trying to use the newly created database.
Make sure the incoming and outgoing batch numbers are checked in the newly created database against the head site numbers. Make sure all the batch numbers match by resetting the remote location numbers before trying to sync the databases.
Adding a new location

You must first update the System Five License codes on the main dataset, and re-allocate the terminals if nessesary.
Once this is done, you will need to re-create all remote datasets. Otherwise the existing remote(s) will not be aware of the new location(s) and you will have integrity and other issues develop over time.

WEAR and Standalone can Co-Exist within a network environment and both can be turned on in the System Five License codes.

Updated by Steve Wind February 20 2019

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