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Windward Mobile POS Installation and Configuration

Installation and Configuration Document

This is the setup and configuration document for Windward Mobile POS. It contains all the instructions to set up the App Server, and configuration of the Mobile POS application on the Android device. It also contains some common error messages and the solutions to those errors.


Additional Configurations

Supported Hardware

Receipt Printer Configuration

The SM-T300i was specifically made to be used with an Apple Product, however, it does support android. Because of this, the default Bluetooth setting is “BlueTooth (iAP)” (iPod Accessory Protocol). To switch it so that your tablet can talk to the printer, you’ll need to follow the instructions below.

1) Power on the Printer

2) Hold down the “Power” button and the “Feed” button at the same time.

Continue to do so until the display screen lights up blue. (the error light will blink 5 times before the display lights up)

3) Once the display screen has lit up, click the “power” button to cycle through different modes; the mode you want is called “Bluetooth Mode”.

4) Once you see “Bluetooth Mode on the Screen”, click the “Power” button and the “Feed” button at the same time. The printer will then print out a slip that has its current status. This is how you know you’ve exited the menu. “Bluetooth Mode” should be the only letters you see on the Display screen. Now you should be able to print using the App.

The full printer manual can be downloaded from here:


It doesn’t mention anything about “Bluetooth (iAP)”, possibly because the manual is for the older portable model.

Steve Wind March 25, 2014


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