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New Feature Round-up

Windward Mobile POS Debug Mode

Version 1.0

Windward Mobile POS comes with a “debug” feature for customer support purposes.

By enabling “Debug Mode”, you’ll be able to log certain information and send that off to a Windward Support technician for analysis.

To enable “Debug Mode”, please follow the instructions below.

1) On the Main Screen of Windward Mobile POS, click on the “Settings” tab

2) In the “Settings” page, you’ll need to click on the tab “About” located on the left side of the screen.

3) In the “About” tab, you’ll see the option to “Enable Error Log”. Click on Error Logging to turn it on.

You’ll know if error logging has been enabled if you see the following message:

4) At this point, certain information will be recorded when you perform actions such as completing invoices and uploading them to the System5 servers.

Now that Debug mode has been enabled, we’ll demonstrate how it works. Below you’ll see us complete the “Upload Invoices” procedure located in “Daily Tasks” under “Sync with Server”.

We have just pushed out our invoices to System5 and the invoice information has been logged to our “Debug File”.

5) Navigate back to “Settings” and into the “About” tab. Click on the “Enable Error Log” button to disable it.

6) When you disable “Error Logging, a bug report screen will show up on your screen.

When filling out the Debug Report, you’ll need to include the email address of the recipient. While it is not required, we also ask that you include a quick description of the reason you are sending us a debug report. (eg: problems with uploading invoices)

7) By click on “Send Report” your email client will pop up and will be populated with the Debug Report.

Note: Please do not leave “Debug Mode” on if not required. Also, if debug mode has been enabled and left on, a warning will appear the next time the Application is launched.

Created by Steve Wind and Daren Ling August 19 2014

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