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Windward Mobile POS Troubleshooting Guide

These steps will help you solve possible issues with the system.

Always start out by turning the tablet off and back on to see if that fixed the problem.

How to close the App:

If the app is having issues, try closing it and re-opening it.

• Tap the “home” button (at the bottom of the tablet screen, it looks like a house).

• Tap the “recent apps” button (to the right of the home screen button, it looks like a rectangle with another rectangle behind it).

• Put your finger on the POS app and quickly swipe to the top of the screen – the icon should then go away.

If the App isn’t responding:

If the App is already open on the tablet:

• Close the app (see “How to close the POS App” above) and re-opening it.

• If this doesn’t work, power down the tablet, wait 30 seconds, then power it back on and open the app.

If the tablet isn't turning on:

• Try holding the power button for 5 seconds, and then allow 30 seconds for it to turn on.

• If this doesn’t work, the tablet most likely has a drained battery. Plug it in and give it 5-10 minutes to charge before turning it on (make sure the outlet it is plugged into is working properly).

• Keep it plugged in for several hours, or as long as possible until it is fully charged.

• Continuously completely draining a Nexus 10 battery will cause the battery to stop holding a charge. Precautions should be taken to prevent complete battery drain.

Internet Connectivity Issues:

• To check internet connectivity, swipe down from the top right corner on the tablet where the clock is to open the menu and click the WiFi icon. See if the top one on the list has “connected” below it. If not, then you aren’t connected to the internet.

• If you are at a location using internet provided by another institution (such as a hotel), confirm with them that their WiFi is working properly. If it is, try connecting using the network information and password that they provide you.

• If you are at a location that has a “MiFi” or “Jetpack” internet device, make sure that it is turned on and charged. Try re-connecting to it by selecting it from the WiFi menu and taping “connect”. If you need a password to reconnect, call your manager.

Printing problems - T300i (Battery operated printer)

If the printer isn’t working, make sure that it’s charged and turned on, and the paper is loaded properly into the machine.

• Normally, the display on the printer should read “Bluetooth Mode” along with a battery life indicator. If you don't see this, the printer is either off or trying to print something.

• If the printer is pushing out blank paper, check to see that there is paper and it is loaded properly.

• If the printer isn’t printing at all, close the app (see “How to close the POS App” above), reopen the App and try to print again.

• If this doesn’t work, turn the tablet off, turn the printer off, take the battery out of the back of the printer and put it back in after 10 seconds. Turn the printer back on, then the tablet back on and try again.

• Make sure the printer says “Bluetooth Mode” on the screen.

• Last resort: Check to make sure that it is connected via Bluetooth to the tablet.

• To do this, swipe down from the top right corner where the clock is to open the menu Click “Bluetooth”.

• Next to the printer icon should be “Star Micronics” and this should show up under “paired devices”.

• If it is, click the “settings” button to the right of the device name (it looks like 3 lines with notches). Click the “un-pair” button, then click “search for devices” near the top right and click on “Star Micronics” when it pops up. It will ask for a password, which is 1234. The printer should now show up under “paired devices” again and should be communicating with the tablet.

If there is no “Star Micronics” named device:

• Turn off/on the Printer, so it displays “Bluetooth Mode”.

• On the tablet, press “Search for Devices” on the upper right hand corner, just under the clock, and “Star Micronics” with a printer icon will show up, tap it enter the PIN: 1234, try to print again.

Problem Batching at the End of the Day:

If you are having trouble closing out the day, make sure that you are connected to the internet (see “Internet connectivity issues” above). Try restarting the app (see “How to close the POS App” above) or turning the tablet off then back on.

Credit Card Payments issues:

The Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR or Credit Card swiper) plugs into the Headphone Jack. If you hear LOUD NOISES when you're processing credit cards, you don't have the MSR plugged in all the way, press it into the jack a bit more, until it snaps into place.

If you're having issues processing credit cards:

• Make sure that the MSR is plugged in all the way in by removing it and snapping it all the way back in or adjusting the cable inside the enclosure as needed.

• Confirm the MSR is charged, as indicated by the Green/Red power/processing light.

• Make sure the Printer is powered on, displays “Bluetooth Mode” (for T300i) and connected to the tablet (See “Printer Issues” for more info).

• Confirm that you are connected to the internet (see “Internet connectivity issues” below).

• If all of the above is working as it should, and your credit cards aren't processing, call Mercury at 800-846-4472 and ask for uDynamo support.

Created by Steve Wind August 19 2014


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