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This article outlines how to use the free Zebra ZDesigner software to create text based label codes for use in System 5. Commercial software like Taggit or Labelview can be used to do this as well although the steps will be slightly different (The concepts are the same for those though).

You may already have it installed as it comes with some Zebra printers on the driver CD.

If not, you can acquire it here:

The most important thing to remember when creating labels to be exported as printer codes is that due to the fact they are stored as text in System 5 you cannot use graphics/pictures or True type fonts. If you do the exported codes will contain binary data which cannot be stored in System 5 and will not work correctly.

Initial Preparation

  1. Have your Zebra printer installed and working in Windows.
  2. Download the ZebraDesigner software and install it if you don’t have it already.
  3. Select the correct model of printer when prompted by ZebraDesigner.

Getting started with ZebraDesigner

  1. Choose to create a new label
  2. Choose your printer from the list
  3. Press next to skip the stock selection and define your own label size.
  4. Press next to accept Automatic Sizing and move to the next stage
  5. Select the orientation and rotation settings based on the picture of the label and printer on the screen.
  6. Select your label width and height and click Finish.

Building your label

The label will primarily be built using the Barcode and Text menu options. The line and rectangle tools are fine to use as well, however the ellipse is not as it will result in graphics being sent to the printer codes.

The System Five specific barcode and text variables available for use in the label design can be located in the help file here

The help file also provides examples of how the variables work. The graphic below shows the System Five variable to print the first 30 characters of the Description field. System Five will fill in this value prior to the codes being sent to the printer. If you print preview your label when printing from System Five, you will see the codes in Notepad and can confirm System Five is filling in these values as expected.

Sample of adding a text box to the design. Note the highlighted settings. Use of Fixed Text format and one of the Zebra fonts is essential. You can enter a literal string of text and/or a System 5 placeholder variable into the text box. i.e. Price: <LIST>

Generating your label codes

When you are ready to test your label in System Five, simply select the Print button in ZDesigner and check the Print to File box.

This will prompt you for a file name. Save the file somewhere handy with a name of your choosing and add a .txt extension to it.

You can then open your saved text file and copy and paste the codes into one of the appropriate fields in the Barcode Label Print code section of System Five.

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