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Epson TM U675 Receipt, Slip, Validation Printer.

The Epson TM U675 slip printer can print in a variety of methods

  • Receipt Printer
  • Journal Printer
  • Slip Printer - insert paper into the bottom of the printer.
  • Check Validation - insert check into the top of the printer.

The Printer is also available with a built in MICR reader.

Switching to different paper methods

To setup this printer you need to install all three printer drivers

  • Receipt
  • Slip
  • Validation

  1. Ordered List Item
  2. In System Five, select Printer Setup.
  3. Select The Receipt Printer,
  4. select the Printer Codes tab on the right, and Press the new Printer Button, enter a printer name such as Epson Receipt.

In the printer codes for receipt enter the following

  • RESET ESC ″c0″ 1 - “(c zero)” 1 = paper roll receipt
  • FORMFEED ESC “J” 255 ESC “m” - move up 1 inch and partial cut

Repeat for the Slip

  • RESET ESC “c0” 4 - print on slip
  • FORMFEED ESC “c0” 1 - back to print on receipt

Repeat for Validation

  • RESET ESC “c0” 8 - print on validation
  • FORMFEED ESC “c0” 1 - back to print on receipt

Logo Printing

  • RESET ESC “c0” 1 FS “p” 1 0 - print on slip, print logo 1

Note: Most other commands such as bold, double are not recognized by the printer.

Epson Manual

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