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New Feature Round-up

Drivers License scanning in System Five

At the time of testing, none of the scanners will scan 2D drivers license barcodes in the standard HID Keyboard emulation.

Only the configurations below will work.

Tested scanners and settings


You MUST set the scanner to HID mode for it to work.

On an LCD Monitor you may be able to scan off the screen. Otherwise Print the PDF and scan the barcodes off the printed copy.

In the POS Device Manager, click on the Scanner Tab, and put a check mark in the checkbox next to Keyboard Wedge Scanner. Leave the Port Setting set to None.

Then click on the HID tab and set Scanner 1 to 4600


Must be set to USB Virtual COM port emulation mode to work.
On an LCD Monitor you may be able to scan the following barcodes off the screen. Otherwise download and open the EVO_Omni_Configuration_Guide.pdf, print page 31 of the Configuration Guide and scan the USB Virtual COM Port Emulation barcode.

If Windows doesn't automatically install a driver for the scanner it will prompt you to install a driver.
If this is the case, Install one of the drivers below for USB-Serial emulation.
Serial Driver Windows 8, 64 Bit
Serial Driver Windows 7, 64 Bit
Serial Driver Windows 7, 32 Bit

Next, open Windows Device Manager, and look for the new com port. It should be the one called Motorola CDC USB Device. Make a note of the COM port number.

Next, open the Windward POS-Device Manager.
On the Barcode Scanner Tab, select the same com port that you noted from the Windows Device Manager, This was COM6 in our example.

Datalogic QuickScan QBT2400

Must be set to USB - COM mode to work, (COM port Emulation). To do this just scan the barcode on the right

Then the COM Port number displayed in the Windows Device Manager must be selected in the POS Device Manager.

Additional Information:

Created by Steve Wind January 26 2017

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