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Apple Macintosh Compatibility

Windward software solutions are currently designed for 32 bit Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Windward Software Systems does not formally support Apple products or the iOS operating systems. Visit the System Requirements for a list of supported operating systems.

Although not available for the Apple Macintosh operating systems. Windward solutions can be run on an Apple at your own risk:

  • For System Five on Cloud you can try the Windows Virtual Desktop on iOS 13.0 or later
  • A Windows emulated product such as OR Boot Camp
  • Using a Windows server operating system such as Windows 2016 Standard Server and enabling Remote Desktop Services. This will allow Mac's to connect through an RDS connection. This allows Windward solutions to run in a session with printing redirected to Macintosh printers.

We have had clients purchase apple monitors and plug them into Windows workstations. This gives you the look of an Apple with the business functionality of a Windows workstation.
Some point of sale equipment and printers may not function or be configurable without connecting to a Windows based PC. We recommend a Microsoft Windows based desktop experience.
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