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Windward System Five Add-Ons

System Five Add-Ons & Integrations help simplify the way you do things.

The Windward Professional Services Catalog

Our catalog of services has topic-based, role-based, or technical plans that can help you maximize your software investment.

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New Feature Round-up

This document is also available as a FreshDesk Solution Article


Download Configuration Sheet

Print the PDF file above and scan the codes in order

  1. Enter/Exit Programming
  2. Configurable Prefix #1
  3. Code Byte 0
  4. Code Byte 0
  5. Code Byte 2
  6. Enter/Exit Programming

Now go to System5 / Setup Wizard / Point of Sale Devices / Barcode Reader

  1. Click on “Now Scan Barcode” button
  2. Scan any Item with a barcode
  3. Click “Save Settings” button
  4. Click “CLOSE” button on top to exit

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