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New Feature Round-up

Metrologic Voyager MS-9540

Programming The Metrologic Voyager MS-9540

Download and print the following PDF.


  1. Scan the Enter/Exit Configuration Mode barcode.
  2. Scan the Enable STX Prefix barcode.
  3. Scan Enable CR Suffix barcode
  4. Scan the Enter/Exit Configuration Mode barcode.

Scanner should now beep 3 times if programmed correctly.

Drop to a command prompt and scan a barcode (NOT one of the ones from the programming sheet) You should see something like this:

What you are looking for is that the scanner scanned a ^B before the barcode and it translates to a little smiley face character on the next line. If this is what you see, you have correctly programmed the barcode scanner.

System Five Setup

Setting up your Barcode scanner in System Five is the last step. You must ensure that the device itself is properly configured with the Pre and Post amble characters that will not conflict with either System Five or the Windows (TM) Operating System. The Barcode Reader page in the Setup Wizard provides a method of using the actual device to input the configuration.

Assuming that your Barcode Scanner is properly configured, click [Read Barcode Scanner], scan any Barcode you have available and System Five will intercept the information from the scanner and fill in the Pre-Amble and the value of the Barcode you scanned. Click [Save Settings] to complete the process.

The [Default Pre-Amble Setting] button can be used to reset to the System Five default settings.

Created by Steve Wind May 8 2013

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