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More Mobile POS Settings

Synchronization of Invoices

There are two main considerations here.

Do you want to push your invoices and parked invoices up to System Five automatically when you complete the transaction?

Or do you want the transactions to remain on the device until you choose to send them to System Five.

Automatic Synchronization of Invoices

If you want to configure automatic Synchronization of invoices in the Mobile POS application, follow these steps.

in the Mobile App. you want to click on Settings.

Log in with your user name and password.

Then click on Server Preferences

Click on “Sync After Each Transaction” to set it to Yes. This will automatically send all completed transaction up to System Five.

If you do not want the invoices to sync automatically, then leave the settings set to No, and the invoices will not sync unless you go to Daily Tasks.

Click on “Upload Parked Invoices” and set it to Yes. This will automatically send all parked invoices up to System Five, where they will appear as estimates. If you chose not to sync parked invoices, when you perform a sync all parked invoices will be deleted.

Also, while we are on this screen, if you are using different price schedules for your customers you may want to change “Use Price Schedules and Levels” to Yes.

Manual Synchronization of Invoices

If you chose not to automatically sync all invoices, you will need to perform the following steps to manually synchronize them to the main dataset.

click “Sync With Server”…

then click on “Upload Invoices”

You should see the following lines on the right hand side of the screen.

Some Key Points To Note

When you synchronize invoices back to System Five, all Cash type invoices will synchronize back as Cash invoice, and all parked invoices will synchronize back as Estimates.

The Windward Mobile app was not designed to do AR invoices for your charge customers. However, there is a workaround to do this. You can create an invoice for your charge customer and assign their name to the invoice. The Mobile app will not allow you to complete the invoice without applying a payment. However, if you have set the mobile app to upload parked invoices, you can park the invoice for your customer, synchronize it back to the main dataset where it will appear as an Estimate, then open the invoice in System Five and change it from an Estimate to an AR invoice.

Created by Steve Wind July 2 2014

Updated by Steve Wind Oct 24 2014


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