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New Feature Round-up

Installing OPOS Drivers

For Point of Sale Devices that use OPOS drivers, there are two sets of drivers that must be installed.

It may be nessasary to reinstall the Generic OPOS drivers after installing the Manufatures OPOS Drivers.

General Setup in System Five

  1. Log into System Five
  2. Open POS Device Manager and set the “type” to OPOS
  3. Under the OPOS Tab we will need to select the Device that is created with the mfg. OPOS drivers
  4. Under the Debug Sub-Menu we can test to make sure the device is working

Supported OPOS Devices

The following OPOS devices are supported. In theory all supported devices should work, but not necessarily.



Tested devices

  • Metrologic MS2020 (scale/scanner), MS9520, MS951


Tested devices

  • Metrologic MS2020
Metrologic MS2320 Config

* Install Metrologic manufacturer drivers
* Verify Windward OPOS drivers are installed
* Install MetrOPOS Admin tool from
* In the Modify Profile screen, choose MS2020 model, RS232 Port, COM 1,
Dual Cable (If more then 1), Device as Scale and Display Yes.

* Select Detailed Test tab and click “Open, Enable, Claim” and then “Read Weight” Button. ←- Item needs to be on scale to weigh.
* Output = If Timed Out (1000 milliseconds) error then nothing on scale

Pole Display

Tested devices

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