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Reporting on Inventory Sales

Method 1

Go into the inventory item in question and go to Sales History tab and Sales History Report sub tab. Notice that there are 4 tabs in this set “Monthly Sales”, “Graphs”, “Settings”, “Sales History Report”. You can configure the settings for the Sales History report by going into the settings tab, making the changes then clicking on the Sales History Report which will rebuild with your desired changes.

Method 2

The other way to report on this is to use the Design Inventory Report, under columns you can use the “Sold Date Range-0” A sample report I use has columns Category, Part Number, Description and Sold Date Range-0. After you add the Sold Date Range-0 to the Selected Columns List you will have to click on another tab for the Date Ranges tab to appear. Click on this Date Ranges tab and enter in your date range you would like to report on. When your selections are complete click View to generate the report.

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Last Edited: 17-Dec-2007

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