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How to use the Restocking Report in System Five

What is it? Why?

Lets imagine we are running a Hardware/Lumber Store and we have a shelf of PVC Pipe Attachments that holds two rows of 15 bins and each bin can hold 30 items. Before System Five we would have our restocking boy walking around the store with pen and paper and hopefully they will notice that bin 5 on the bottom shelf is empty. Even if they do see that it is empty, that same person now needs to know what to fill it back up with.

Well with System Five we would never have that problem, we would just need to run the restocking report and it will tell us what we have sold so we can refill our shelves, and in the end saving us time and money!!

Where do we find it?

To access the Restocking Report use the following Navigator menu path: Inventory and Purchases –> Inventory Reports –> Restocking Report

As we can see in the screen shot above, the restocking report can show us what we have sold based on Invoice Range or Invoice Date, we also have the ability to take returns into consideration.

What does the report look like?

Below is a sample of what the report will look like when viewed in the module

Also here is a sample of the printed report

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