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System Five Supported Versions

All System Five software fixes or enhancements are only performed in the current general release of System Five listed below.

Customers on a Maintenance Contract or Cloud Subscription have access to the current version of System Five at no charge. For on-premise customers, other required components such as the database (Actian Zen/Pervasive) may require upgrades that will incur additional charges. Contact your account manager for details.

Supported application versions

Windward Software will provide full Customer Care support to customers using the following System Five versions. Please note, any support requiring System Five software fixes or enhancements will only be performed in the current general release of System Five.

  • System Five 7.0+ - Current general release version of the software.
  • System Five or greater

Please see OS and Database requirements here

Current supported versions of the application require Datacap NETePay and a supported payment processor to support integrated payments and for PCI compliance Sign up for NETePay Hosted

Supported database versions

System Five runs using Actian Zen Database technology. The below versions are currently supported.

  • Actian Zen 15 SP1 - Recommended (required for Windows 11 and Server 2022)
  • Actian Zen 14 SP2 - Minimum Requirement

Upgrade your database to Actian Zen 15

We cannot guarantee the effective and error free operation of Windward System Five on versions that predate those listed above.

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