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Cash Drawer Does Not Open

Ensure that the POS Device manager is started and showing in the system tray as circled in red in figure 1.

Please note. The tendering of a cash amount in System Five instructs the POS device manager to open the cash drawer. The printing of a receipt should NOT open a cash drawer. If you have a cash drawer attached to a printer, the windows print driver may be set to open it. This should be disabled. Also if you set the slip printer up as a Windows Printer, instead of a text printer, the print job is sent as graphical information and the probability of it sending the cash drawer control codes is pretty high. The printer must be set up as a text-only printer. The quality of a text-only printer is poor, but can be improved by selecting the correct control codes in System Five; this is not an easy task. For this reason, I recommend cash drawers that are NOT connected to the printer, but through their own USB port.

Figure 1 - POS Device Manager Icon

If needed, follow the steps to Activate the POS Device Manager

A single left click will open the POS Device manager giving the screen shown in figure 2.

Figure 2 - The Cash Drawer tab in the POS Device Manager

The Port Settings should be set to your slip printer for cash drawers that have a cable connecting the cash drawer to the slip printer. If the cash drawer connects to the computer via a different port, then select that port.

After the port has been selected, click the drawer opens on the tender type button that looks similar to figure 3.

Figure 3 - POS Device Manager tender types button

Select the option “Yes” to manually open a cash drawer as circled in figure 4 then click OK. If the system prompts for a password use “supervisor”.

Figure 4 - Manually opening selection

Select the “Open Drawer” button as circled in figure 5 to open the cash drawer.

Figure 5 - Open Drawer button

Cash Drawer Opens with the Open button, but not from System Five

Look in the events tab of the POS device manager, you should see events attempting to open the cash drawer when you tender a cash amount in System Five. If you do not see these events, the POS Device Manager is experiencing communication challenges perform the following steps.
Unregister the POS device manager and re-registered it.

  • Close the POS Device Manager and Quit out of System Five.
  • Open a Command Prompt as administrator.
    • Click on start menu and type “Command Prompt”
    • Right click the “Command Prompt” application and choose “Run as Administrator” from the menu.
  • Change directory to the SystemFive\bin\ directory
  • Execute the following commands to unregister and re-register the POS Device Manager

windwardpos.exe /unregserver
windwardpos.exe /regserver

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