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New Feature Round-up

Table of Contents


The purpose of this form / report is to be able to have the values needed in filing up New York State's NYS-45 form. Not all the tax boxes though is covered in this report. The only information that can be extracted from this report is the form's tax boxes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7 for the Part A as well as tax boxes 12 and 15 for Part B.

As defaulted in the system, the form NYS-45 takes the UI rate of 0.825%. If in the case that the rate is different, you may contact Windward Support.


  1. All incomes subject for Unemployment tax should be configured to tax box NYS1
  2. Wage Base limit should be updated manually or directly through the form's formula
  3. UI Rate is defaulted to 0.825% and is hard coded in the form. If by chance that the rate is different, you may edit the formula for tax box #4.


This form is not for online filing. It only gives you the values or amounts

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