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New Feature Round-up

CARD READER (CREDIT CARD) - **For use with Windward Mobile POS on Android ONLY**

magtek-udynamo-3.jpg Magtek Udynamo

MagTek's uDynamo provides universal connection options for its users. The uDynamo secure card reader authenticator connects to a wide variety of devices through its retractable headphone jack. It also provides a USB interface for connection with various devices including Windows or Mac PCs, and is perfect for virtual terminals.


WARNING (CRITICAL INFORMATION): Only supported on Windward Mobile POS (Mobile POS had been discontinued). For use with Mercury Payment Systems, the MagTek uDynamo MUST be purchased from Mercury Payment Systems, and MUST be encrypted by them with their encryption key at that time.

Contact Mercury Payment Systems or Windward Software in advance of making a purchase.

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