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New Feature Round-up

Zebra TC21 Android Data Collector

The Zebra TC21 is an Android tablet that can run the Windward DataCollector Application from the Google Play store and upload data to Windward System Five.

Use Cases

  • Import from Data Collector to Invoice
  • Import from Data Collector to Pick Slip Check
  • Import from Data Collector to New Purchase Order
  • Import from Data Collector Edit PO/Receiving
  • Import to Scan Batch in Physical Inventory Count

Windward System Five Requirements

You may require an update to System Five and possibly the Windward POS Device Manager.

  • Windward System Five version 6.2.4.x
  • Remote POS Device manager version

The Zebra TC21 can be ordered from our preferred supplier: Shop POS Portals
Zebra TC21

Google Play Install

The Windward Datacollector App is currently in Google Alpha preview. To be invited to participate, please send your account manager your google email address which is associated with your Zebra TC21. You can download the app from


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